A Grim Almanac of Cornwall is a day-by-day catalogue of 365 ghastly tales from around the county. Full of dreadful deeds, macabre deaths, strange occurrences and heinous homicides, this almanac explores the darker side of the county's past. Read about the leaders of the 1497 rebellion, who fought for their county only to be hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn; the fatal gunpowder explosion near Truro in 1864; the horrifying case of Henry Mortimer, who killed his wife, four children and himself at Saltash in 1901; the young lady who was attacked by a giant badger while walking near the river Fowey in 1906; and the couple who were drowned on their honeymoon at Falmouth in 1948.


All these, plus tales of poachers, cannibals, witches, rioters, plague victims, highwaymen, smugglers, and accidents by land, sea and air, are here. Generously illustrated with a range of engravings, photographs and orginal documents, this chronicle is an entertaining and readable alternative history of Cornwall.


- 192 pages

A Grim Almanac of Cornwall