40%, 70cl

Old J Gold

  • A rum for the true connoisseur, Old J Gold is a handcrafted pot-stilled rum from the Caribbean.  Aged for three years in oak barrels and finally blended with our special range of spices.

    The signature spicy notes of the original Old J Spiced Rum have been toned down in Old J Gold to allow the rum's true flavour to shine through.  Enjoy the rich tones of vanilla and persian lime alongside warm spices and a hint of toffee. 

    This is the perfect drink to enjoy on the rocks with a wedge of lime

    Please drink responsibally - drinkaware.co.uk



    In 1740, Admiral Edward Vernon enforced a reduction in the strength of the British Navy's rum ration.  When his men complained, Vernon suggested the addition of limes and sugar to make the drink more enjoyable.  

    We created Old J in honour of this unlikely mixologist, bringing Vernon's concept into the 21st century by infusing our special blend of 11 flavours into the finest Caribbean rum.

    with Old J Tiki Fire they address the strength reduction by increasing the alcohol proof level to 15L but keep the same great tasting limes, sugar and spices to create a truly special rum.

    Please drink responsibly - drinkaware.co.uk